Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I know it's been a minute since I published a poetry piece.I'm still  a newbie in this poetry world and it's going to take some time to know the in's,and out's of this world.Also to know what's poetry or not poetry.I'm kind of feeling my way through this poetry stuff like I am with my writing. Some times I contemplate in mind is this poetry or not poetry,and then again some times I don't care,and I just write what I feel is poetry.Some times it maybe erotic or some times your gonna go what the hell is she writing. All I know is I try to go with the flow of how I'm feeling at that moment then I jot it down.Without further ado I will try to keep up in my poetry writing.Whether it's understandable or not I write what I feel,and the flow of my ink,lol..sorta speak.Oh! one more thing I discovered about poetry .Well, not discovered it's more like learning. I like writing Haiku you might see a lot of that on my blog as well.

With my hands I write these words
for which I have nothing to say
I write with an empty mind with
words wondering aimlessly

It feel as though I'm a writer
with nothing to write,with words
I can't compose.I try to bring them
to expose ,but I can't form anthing
to show.

My heart tells me to write.But my mind is
tellin me I have to fight.Fight I shall for words               
who seeking to form a meaning or a thought.

Feeling desperated to make line or two I
write so I can't form a letter or word that
I desire.They may seem odd at times
but the feeling is there when I form a
poetry line.

Monday, April 18, 2011


I am who I say I am
who are you? Do you
breath  the air I breath
or do you take one breathe
at a time?I breath as though
life has a limit.Every breath
I take I reach for my life to see
 the budding picture in  motion

Because I am who I say I am

I dream of my life as  if it would be
as pleasing to be a wonderful venture
slowly dosing it with happiness,joy,
love,honesty smelling these wonderful
words in the air I breath                                                

I am who I say I am

I walk amongest the words with such
grace. I form all the word with a simple
pace.I take take one step at a time with
my pace.I fill the breath I breathe I can
write forever in a day.

Because I am who I say I am...

Monday, April 4, 2011


Staring at a blank picture
wondering if I can paint                        
a thought,a memory of
 my beginings or should
I wait for the ending.
Longing to see what the canvas
is like looking for an answer
with my blank stare.Wanting
to know if my thought,dreams,
will be a pretty picture or will
it be undiscovered for me to weep.


Here is a video  of Mayda  doing her spoken words at the White House Two years ago