Friday, September 28, 2012

Maybe If

Maybe if I had chance 
to repeat my life,I would
maybe if  I had a magic wand
to  make my wishes come true,
I would.Maybe if  I see life differently
life wouldn't seem so hard.
Maybe if I stop dwelling on the pass
I can focus on the present.Maybe if I
have solace in my life I wouldn't dwell
on the past.
maybe if I stop want things to happen 
instead of making things happen,I would.
Maybe if I stop thinking that life has dealt me
a hard blow,I should be blessed with the life has given
Maybe I should  stop  thinking so hard  about what I
haven't done,and focus on what's yet to come.
Maybe,maybe,  just maybe  if I stop using the 
excuse of maybe if,my life would would go so much
easier if I start doing.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The joy of your smile is bright 
smother in happiness which is truly
a delight.I long to see the gleam
you spread with cheer,just to see
your smile .
The glow you share with the world is
mesmerizing,with the life in your eyes,
and the glee  in your beauty radiates
from every part of you face. 

smile,smile,smile with your happiness 
let the world divulge in your joy as
you share  beauty of you loveliness.

Monday, September 24, 2012


Feeling sad, feeling a  little blue
I have so much emptiness inside
I really don't know what do.The 
loneliness is killing me in every                                                              
which way,sometimes I want 
to shout I'm human in every 
My sadness,and my  loneliness  can  fill a giant size 
stadium with people sitting every where.The pain
is so deep,and intense I sweat sadness at any
shrill  I hear in the air.

The days pound my mind,as the hours
tick on by reminding me of the feelings
of being by myself by the minutes,and hours 
when degregation  creeps up from behind.
My heart bleeds with intense pain leading my 
mind wondering when will this thing end.

The sunshine tries to peek through,but loneliness
is in full bloom.I feel myself caving inside hoping,wishing,
and dreaming for all this pain to all just die.