Thursday, June 14, 2012


My feelings  are drowning in my thoughts
I can't to seem to stay afloat.They keep
pulling me  under.The current is very 
I try to swim  to pull my head  above 
 my thoughts.The flow is so rapid 
I find myself struggling wereI found 
myself in a pond.
It's swirling with my emotions,feelings
and thoughts.The swirling got me a bit
dizzy,and the flow constantly keeps trying
to take me under.
The pond empty out into a river that 
has a life of it's own.Ya,see! The river
is fill with self doubter,worthlesness,
you never amout to anything,why do
you exist.
I got pulled under the river of thoughts
I lost consciousness for a moment as I feel
myself  descending.I came to  just into in time
to catch mt last breathe as I struggle to swim to 
the top.
I gasp as I find myself moving to  a big
mass I couldn't quite see what it was because 
my thoughts is still being hamper by the 
pond,and the rivers envy...
The flow from the river was kind of
scary because in the distance.I see this
big mass.At first it appears dark and gloomy
and I was bit scared  as I approach it
 approaching the mass the river drain into
the sea of infinity  amount of possibilities
I wasn't struggling to stay afloat any more 
becausethe sea was bring me to my wishes,
Not only that the sea introduce  me to success,hope,
for a moment I wanted to  look back,but the sea got 
hold of me and showed me that I kept  afloat.

Why look back now, you made this far, keep going....